Implementation Status

This implementation hasn't been rigorously tested. The following report may be inaccurate.

XBL Features
Feature | Detail Support
Binding Aspects
Templates No
Handlers Yes
Implementations Yes
Resources No
Binding Attachment
<binding element=""/>
  • Attachment only occurs when the element first enters the document. Attached bindings don't get updated when attributes do.
binding property in CSS No
addBinding() method in script No
Importing Binding Documents
<?xbl href="bindings.xml"?>
  • Only in the bound document - PI's aren't checked in binding documents.
  • Built-in binding documents may be imported, otherwise cross-site restrictions apply.
  • Most current browsers do not support PI's in HTML documents.
<link rel="bindings" href="bindings.xml" />
  • Non-standard
  • Built-in binding documents may be imported, otherwise cross-site restrictions apply.
<style type="application/xml">...</style>
  • Non-standard
loadBindingDocument() in script No
XBL Elements
Element | Attribute | Value Support
xbl Yes
script-type No
style-type No
binding Yes
  • Built-in bindings may be extended. Otherwise cross-site restrictions apply.
  • Partial implementation of CSS2 & CSS3 selectors.
implementation Yes
src No
template No
apply-author-sheets No
allow-selectors-through No
content No
includes No
apply-binding-sheets No
locked No
inherited No
xbl:attr No
xbl:pseudo No
xbl:text No
div No
class No
state No
title No
handlers Yes
  • The handlers are added to the bound element, not to the handlers element.
event Yes
  • The default-action phase is not supported.
trusted No
propagate Yes
default-action Yes
button Yes
click-count Yes
modifiers Yes
  • Supports a subset of key identifiers. Basically the typical non-text keys that seem to be consistent cross-platform.
    Delete, Backspace, Escape, Down, End, Enter, Home, Insert, Left, PageUp, PageDown, Right, Up,
    F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
    Apart from these, key-strokes can be filtered by their Unicode identifier, U+0001, etc.
key-location No
  • textInput events are triggered by keypress. Other event sources are not recognized
  • Safari doesn't support DOMAttrModified
  • Safari doesn't support DOMAttrModified
  • Safari doesn't support DOMAttrModified
  • Safari doesn't support DOMAttrModified
resources No
style No
media No
src No
prefetch No
src No
script Almost
  • Built-in script documents may be sourced, otherwise cross-site restrictions apply.

Browser support
Browser Support
IE 6 Yes
Firefox 2 Yes
Firefox 3 Yes
Safari 2 Partial
Safari 3 Yes
Opera 9.2 Yes
Opera 9.5 Yes