pushState Enabled Twitter 8 Jul 2012

A case-study of extreme progressive enhancement applied to More

pushState was made for HTMLDecor 21 Mar 2012

A typical use-case for history.pushState() is over-riding the normal browser navigation between pages within the same site. This involves downloading URL-specific content for the next page and merging it with the shared site decor that is already in the page. This is a perfect match for HTMLDecor which expects URLs to only contain specific content, and constructs the end-user view in the browser by merging this content with shared site decor obtained from a decor document. More

HTML Decor II 14 Dec 2011

In the last article on this topic I explained the concept of page decor and mentioned options for implementing it. In this article I will provide an introduction to HTMLDecor.js which provides a javascript solution. More

Introducing XBLUI 18 Jan 2010

XBLUI - User Interface enhancements implemented using XML Binding Language (XBL) More

Introducing SLAB 19 Oct 2009

SLAB - A Standards Layer for APIs in Browsers. Because sometimes a shim isn't enough. More

HTML Decor I 13 Oct 2009

One of the advantages of CSS is the capability to provide styling information to many web-pages using a single external stylesheet. What if there was a way to provide banner, navigation and footer sections from an external "decor" page? It turns out that you can and this article introduces the options. More

XBL XBL XBL! 8 Oct 2009

I thought I should provide some sort of introduction to XBL so that when you're sick of me saying it, at least you'll know what I'm talking about. More

Simpler CSS Sliding Doors 23 Jan 2009

The canonical "Sliding Doors of CSS" by Douglas Bowman uses floats to place tabs in a horizontal row. This article examines the use of inline styling to achieve the same ends. It also shows how to implement the tabs with only one image. More

Overriding DOM Methods 15 Jan 2009

Is there a simple cross-browser way to override DOM methods while still allowing the original methods to be called? More

Hello World 2 Jan 2009

This blog will mostly be about programming and/or the web - in general that means Javascript and HTML. For the near future it will be dedicated to using Javascript to fix browser deficiencies (primarily in their DOM implementations) and using progressive-enhancement to improve web-pages. More