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Full separation of essential content from site presentation

What ... is it?

HTMLDecor is a Javascript page template engine which runs in the browser.

With CSS you can change the styling of a whole site with one shared stylesheet.

With HTMLDecor you can change everything with one shared decor document - banner, navbars, ads, page-layout and stylesheets. Not only is it simple to setup and maintain, you'll cut the download time of every page, plus "pushState assisted navigation" comes for free.

How ... can I add it to my site?

In the simplest scenario

<link rel="meeko-decor" type="text/html" href="/your/decor.html" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/HTMLDecor/boot.js"></script>

HTMLDecor will run automatically to retrieve the decor document and merge it with the current document. After merging, the page will have the appearance of the decor document but with the real content from the current document inserted in positions designated by matching @id.

For specific details see the project page.

Why ... should I use it?

HTMLDecor addresses all these issues and more...

HTMLDecor provides the potential to easily improve the user-experience and reduce site maintenance whilst retaining usability for older and noscript browsers.

Where ... can I see it in action?

The best demonstration of HTMLDecor is with meeko-panner, a javascript bookmarklet that enables HTMLDecor to run on a growing list of sites.

I'm also using HTMLDecor for my blog.

Who ... can I ask for more help?

Contact the author via web or twitter.

See the project page and issues on github.

Other FAQs

Why is it called HTML Decor?

The page template must be a HTML file, the real page content must be a HTML file, and the merging involves moving HTML DOM elements.
While the page template components - banner, navigation, page-layout, stylesheets - are important to the site, they are secondary to the essential page content. Modifications typically don't change the essence of the page. From the perspective of the page they are just "site decor".

HTML is the power-lifter of putting content on the screen. HTMLDecor enables a site to maximize the power of HTML whilst leaving primary content untouched and useful to search-engines and older and noscript browsers.

Is this available from CDN

Yes, HTMLDecor is hosted on Amazon's Cloudfront CDN, which you can source with the line:

<script src=""></script>

However, be aware of the issues with doing this:

    <script src=""></script>